14th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Information Processing (PRIP’2019)

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rigoll - IAPR Keynote Speaker

Professor for Human-Machine Communication, TU München


Recent Progress in Computer-Vision-based Human Activity Recognition and Related Areas



Prof. Dr. Kurosh Madani - IAPR Keynote Speaker

Holder of Academic Palm medal (Chevalier of Academic Palm) of French Government

Director of SYNAPSE research division of LISSI lab

Vice-Director of LISSI Lab of UPEC

Dean of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science department


Humanizing Robots’ Vision through Machine-Learning Based Artificial Visual Attention



Prof. Dr. Henning Müller - IAPR Keynote Speaker

University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Sierre (HES-SO)


Image-based medical decision support in the age of deep learning



Prof. Elena Zaitseva, PhD - IAPR Keynote Speaker

Professor of the University of Zilina


Reliability Analysis of Multi-State System